Who’s ready for fitbox lives? We know we are!

You can access the fitbox live tab to see your timetable, along with the training style that will be involved.

All levels and abilities are able to join in, and you’re always guaranteed to get a great workout!

You’ll soon meet some of our FITBOX LIVE team members who will be involved with leading you through these sessions. Be sure to enter into the online session by hitting the button before the session time begins so that you are ready to begin once the coach comes online.

It’s always helpful to have a piece of equipment with you, or at least something versatile, with a bit of weight to it such as a dumbell, a weighted plate, a loaded back pack or even some water bottles.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your sessions, so be sure to utilise this area, and the timetable.

If you wont be able to attend the live sessions… DON’T WORRY! We got you covered!

All of our live sessions will upload onto your workout area to be done whenever best suits you. This way we can help build you an endless supply of online content for you to keep yourself pushing toward a healthier, stronger and more positive version of yourself!

See you on screen.



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