Frequenty Asked Questions

Absolutely everything. You’ll have unlimited access to live workouts, recorded workout areas, nutrition resources, recipes, blogs and wellbeing tools. This will all be available through your own Fitbox Online personal social profile.

You’re subscription renews each month so long as you are happy with Fitbox Online. You have complete control to change your membership through the ‘Membership’ tab in your profile options.

Here at FitBox we are built on community, not contracts!

That’s why we have never used them or tied our members in for time periods.

All we ask is that should you wish to terminate your membership with us, then simply email us at info@fitboxfitness.co.uk which will activate a 1 MONTH NOTICE period so that the next person on our waiting list has a chance to take the available space.

Head over to the ‘Live Workout’ area under the online tab. You’ll see a selection of live workouts that are all dated and with a time included. Simply click your chosen live session and click ‘join’ a few minutes before the start time. Everything you will need to know about the session will be detailed on the page of your selected workout.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the live workouts main page and you will see an image of any workout that is currently underway. You will be able to access the exact same way and catch up with he session.

No, you will only be able to see the coach as we have turned all of your microphones and camera feeds off for the live sessions to help you focus on the workout, and it means no make up or tidying up your workout space for an audience either!


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