Health & Participation Policy

I agree to participate within Fitbox studios, Fitbox online sessions, Online Training at my own risk, responsibility and I will do so at a level appropriate for my abilities. If I have any medical issues that would potentially cause issue with my participation, I have discussed these with Fitbox and I confirm that I accept full responsibility for taking part in the session. I agree to inform Fitbox, immediately if any important medical information changes. I understand that the instructors are not medically trained and can only advise. Prior to participating in any sessions or classes I have consulted my GP.

If I have been diagnosed with any of the below, I confirm that I have consulted my GP or a medical professional:

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma

Any Other Cardiovascular Condition

Any Other Medical Needs Of Concern

If any of the below apply to myself, I have made Fitbox aware:

  • Headaches / Dizziness / Fainting
  • Limited movement in joints
  • My GP has advised against exercise
  • Pregnancy or recent post pregnancy
  • Currently taking medication that may affect me during exercise


  1. I confirm that to my knowledge I have not tested positive for Covid-19
  2. I confirm that I am not experiencing any flu like symptoms
  3. I confirm that I understand the current risks of entering indoor public venues and do so of my own choice
  4. I agree to take all necessary measures put in place by fitbox in order to ensure my safety when taking part
  5. I agree to wash my hands thoroughly both before and after participating in any form of activity at fitbox

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