Lets talk calories…

Treat them like your finances.

If you’ve over spent one day, then cut back your spending a little the next day to save yourself checking up on whats left in your wallet for the rest of the week.

If you’ve got an expensive weekend coming up, maybe save up and hold a little cash back so you can make the most of the occasion.

Being careful with your money is the focus here, so don’t worry too much on what it is exactly your buying. Just be careful not to go beyond your savings, and into an overdraft which will set you back long term.

The problem we have in explaining calories is the same problem we have when we talk about our money.

We always want more, but arent gifted it, we have to work for it in order to increase what we can spend.

Calories work in the same way, move more, earn more.

Trying to lose body fat can be likened to saving up for a holiday more expensive than the norm.

You must save for it, you must cut back on certain expenses in order to afford such a luxury.

Attaining the ‘luxury’ of a leaner version of ourselves is no exception… We must cur back a little in orser to gain alot. Less calories used each day, or better yet each week, built up over months will certainly see you riding that one way ticket to a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Again, if fat loss is the goal, then look to achieve a deficit over a 7 day period rather than working toward the same ‘touching the ceiling’ number every day. You may find yourself a little short should you decide you would like a few extra calories on day 7. Cut back 3 days, 2 days a little, and bank the rest for the final 2 days… balance.

I hope this helps, no whiteboard video from me, just a different way of looking at things that I use with clients.

In the meantime heres the picture that most likely got your attention in the first place…

Yes, thats my burger.
No, I did not finish it.
Yes, I definitely over spent.
No, I never regret my menu selection.

That’s your all inclusive, break the bank, 3 week holiday in the Bahamas you see on that plate.

Better believe that the day after, and the day after that, I began a piggy bank process all over again.

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