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We have created a social media based platform in order to create a more community based fitness tool.

You’ll be able to customise your page, add other members, create social groups and log your journey.

Of course we are in the first phase of launch so please bear with us whilst we spend this next week to update the website with new media and content for you.

We welcome you to try out the challenge areas, designed to offer you coach led sessions aimed at improving fitness and strength! Also, you can get yourself signed up for our next LIVE SESSION via your ‘Live Classes’ area.

We will constantly be expanding the tools and areas we offer through COMMUNITY SITE and welcome all feedback to help us make sure you feel at home.

If you have chosen to subscribe to the full membership option (£35 or £60) then this will mean you attend a FITBOX studio. You will be able to find your timetable booking key in your drop down area.

Please note that we will only be allowing access to the booking system 15 sessions in advance in order to allow everyone to get chance to book. Once a session has started, the next will be released for you to access if you have not already booked for that day.

Let’s get started!


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